FOCUS Program


Focus aims to emphasize and support psychoeducation and scaffolded social/emotional learning and wellbeing with the goal of accessing academics successfully and full integration into the inclusion environment. This involves coordinating with staff schoolwide, families, coaches, providers, and any other relevant parties utilizing a systems approach heavily reliant on student-driven goals and needs. 

Entry to Focus Continuum

Students who may benefit from the support of Focus are brought to the attention of the Holliston High School Intervention Team. The Team reviews attempted interventions and supports, and reviews the criteria for Focus with regard to the individual student’s needs before a determination is made. 

Criteria for the Focus Program

  • Documented increased social/emotional need
  • A need to skill-build in a social/emotional area (i.e. self-regulation, self-advocacy, etc.)
  • Needs support for a major shift or transition including, but not limited to:
    • Major injury
    • Environmental transition
    • Shifting guardianship
    • Changes in family dynamics
    • Grief/loss
    • School phobia/school avoidance
    • Emergence of clinical symptoms
    • Transition to/from hospitalization.partial placement program/inpatient setting
    • Agency involvement
    • Clinically traumatic event(s)