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Our Vision

The Holliston Public Schools, in partnership with our community, are committed to supporting students on their journeys to live healthy, meaningful, and productive lives. Through our Pre-K-12+ curriculum and experiences, our students will become engaged global citizens, innovative thinkers, effective communicators, and lifelong learners who exemplify character and live balanced lives.

Students will strive toward a healthy and meaningful life by mindfully engaging in activities that promote physical and emotional well-being

An individual with a balanced life is someone who:

  • Develops and maintains healthy relationships 

  • Takes care of and nurtures oneself

  • Has the ability to prioritize and utilize time management skills

  • Practices responsible decision making 

  • Advocates for self and sets appropriate boundaries 

  • Demonstrates maturity and self-awareness

  • Explores interests and/or passions

Students will be culturally aware, open minded and inspired to contribute to communities both locally and globally.

A global citizen is someone who:

  • Is aware of and respects other languages, customs, beliefs and values

  • Has an understanding of how the world works and their individual role in it

  • Is inspired to work towards social equity

  • Participates in the community at a range of levels from local to global

  • Understands the human impact on the environment and strives to make the world more sustainable

  • Engages those with differing opinions through healthy discourse and humility 

Students will think analytically, critically and creatively to pursue new ideas, develop new knowledge, make decisions and solve problems. 

An innovative thinker is someone who:

  • Raises questions driven by curiosity

  • Uses logical reasoning to evaluate and process information

  • Is resourceful, creative and adaptable when looking for solutions

  • Approaches obstacles as opportunities for growth

Students confidently exchange information in a clear and respectful manner with diverse audiences.

An effective communicator is someone who:

  • Writes, speaks, and expresses in a purposeful manner to inform, influence, motivate, or entertain a variety of audiences

  • Employs effective reading skills and active listening strategies to advance understanding

  • Makes use of and acknowledges the impact of verbal and nonverbal communication 

  • Applies social norms and etiquette appropriate to the medium and the circumstance

Students think, feel and act in an honest, respectful, and responsible manner.

A person of character is someone who:

  • Understands and embodies integrity

  • Takes responsibility for their actions

  • Learns from mistakes and finds growth from failure

  • Interacts with empathy and compassion

  • Chooses the harder right over the easier wrong

  • Makes decisions to ensure the well-being of themselves and others

  • Lives authentically and appreciates individuality

  • Fosters relationships built on trust

Students, throughout the course of their lives, will be curious, reflective and responsive to their changing world.

A lifelong learner is someone who:

  • Identifies interests and skill sets to inform career and life decisions

  • Adapts to change and is responsive to feedback

  • Overcomes challenges with resilience and perseverance

  • Identifies opportunities for and aspires to continued growth and self-improvement

  • Embraces the value of continuous learning and education