Holliston High School feels strongly that preparation for the 21st Century requires a strong use of computer technology in education and productivity. Today's students must have a solid background in how to use technology creatively, collaboratively, and constructively in order to be successful in most future academic and career programs.

One-to-One Chromebooks

Holliston High School enjoys a full 1:1 Chromebook program.  All students in grades 9-12 are issued Chromebooks for use in their daily academics. By providing each student a school-issued Chromebook, HHS can ensure a consistent, equitable technology learning experience. 

Teachers prepare activities with the understanding that students will have their school-owned Chromebooks with them, complete with school-installed apps, settings, and internet safeguards. Privately-owned student laptops, tablets, or Chromebooks are not an appropriate substitute in class, except in very unusual circumstances, and should stay safely at home. Personal preference is not an acceptable reason to bring a private laptop instead of the school-issued Chromebook.

Device Loan Agreement and Insurance Information