Social Studies

Curriculum Description

All social studies curriculum enables students to develop an informed worldview, expand their ability to think from multiple perspectives, and acquire the skills necessary for active citizenship in the 21st century that will empower them to interact effectively in an increasingly interdependent world.

The goals of the department are to help students, read and think critically, speak and write effectively, and participate in purposeful decision-making and problem-solving within the context of the social sciences. 

The core curriculum reflects the Massachusetts Curriculum Social Studies Framework, the National Standards for History and the National Council for Social Studies in Curriculum Standards for Social Studies as well as the criteria put forth in our own 21st Century Learning Expectations. Coursework in all Social Studies classes is focused upon the Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings targeted in the UbD curriculum documents for each course and level. 

There is a four-credit social studies requirement for graduation: United States History I,  Modern World or AP Modern European History, United States History II or AP United States History. Electives are offered for juniors and seniors with the goal of exposing students to other disciplines in the social sciences. In some cases, electives are also open to freshmen and sophomores; see elective descriptions for those options.

There is a summer reading requirement for each of the Advanced Placement courses. Summer reading lists and assessments will be announced in the Spring through classroom teachers and may be found on the school’s website.