Internship & Senior Project

060 Internship

Grade: 12  |  1 Term  |  Credits: ½

Holliston High School students are encouraged to develop career interests and abilities through involvement in the School-to-Career Internship Program. Participation in this program is based upon satisfactory completion of prerequisites and administrative approval.

The Internship Program is designed to assist seniors as they begin to make career decisions. Internships afford students the opportunity to understand the relevance of classroom academics to the world of work while learning about available career options. Students must secure the endorsement of their Guidance Counselor and/or an Administrator based upon a proven record of maturity, responsibility, academic success, and good attendance and discipline records.

The Career Internship Program allows students to:

  • Identify and explore career fields before they commit to years of preparation.

  • Receive academic credit from their high schools for their internship experiences.

  • Discover the relevance of their academic studies to work.

  • Learn the standards and expectations of the working world.

  • Evaluate their employment skills and needs.

  • Test their decision-making abilities in workplace settings.

Seniors may elect an internship program as an out-of-school experience. Transportation is the responsibility of the student. The internship is scheduled for a minimum of 60 hours per term.

The student is expected to be present at the internship placement according to the time schedule that has been established between the sponsor and the intern.

The intern is responsible to notify the sponsor if he or she is unable to attend the internship due to an absence from school. Holliston High School expects an intern to take their placement seriously and, consequently attendance is mandatory.

If for some reason the intern decides that the placement is not appropriate, the student must notify, in writing, the coordinator and/or their guidance counselor by the end of the first week of the term as if he or she were enrolled in a “normal program”. The student will then have the option of dropping the internship and taking a class. Interns are required to complete career building and reflective assignments over the course of the term in addition to the hours of interning to receive credit. 

Seniors are permitted the maximum of two terms of a career internship per year if there is availability. 

All  internships/placements must be arranged through the Career Services Office.  Holliston High School is not responsible for monitoring students at work sites.

Note: A minimum of 75% of a student’s time in any term must be spent in a Holliston High School course and classroom.

990 Senior Project

Grade: 12  |  1 Term  |  Credits: ½

A senior project provides students with an opportunity to explore and experience interdisciplinary topics of their choice that extend beyond the high school classroom. They require innovative and creative thought and allow the student to gain knowledge in a particular area that excites them. The senior project should reflect a significant “learning stretch.” That is, the student should show understanding/knowledge in something new, or take a current skill to a higher level. Students will select a mentor and devise and implement a project plan. The plan can draw upon past knowledge from varied courses of study, or stem from a passion derived from a hobby or talent. The project should promote researching, hypothesizing, and increasing content knowledge and skill gain in the chosen topic area.  

The Senior Project Elective allows students to:

  • Explore, Inspire, Create

  • Demonstrate integrity, respect for independent learning and personal responsibility 

  • Explore and develop topics/subject areas to a higher level of understanding

  • Develop critical thinking, decision-making and time management skills

  • Devise and implement a solid project using these four components: Proposal, Portfolio, Paper and Presentation

The Senior Project is an independent learning experience where Mentors support and guide students in the design, process and completion of the senior project.

Students agree to:

  • Meet or conference with the Mentor(s) once per week throughout the course of the term.

  • Meet with a member of the Senior Project Committee once a month during the term. 

  • Notify the mentors of any concerns or deviations from the project plan. 

  • Demonstrate integrity, respect for independent learning and personal responsibility. 

  • Complete all aspects of the Senior Project within the given term.

Seniors are permitted the maximum of one term of a senior project. All senior projects must be approved by the Senior Project Committee.

Note: A minimum of 75% of a student's time in any term must be spent in a Holliston High School course and classroom.