Advancement and Graduation

Grade Advancement Requirements

The awarding of credit signifies satisfactory achievement of course objectives. These objectives include the completion of daily and long-term assignments within the allotted time span, participation in daily class activities, and a satisfactory level of home study to complement in-class work. The final mark represents the level of achievement a student has attained in meeting course requirements and objectives.

All students must carry a minimum of four (4) credits during each term. Upon successful completion, a student will receive 1½ credits for each Three-Term Block course, 1 credit for each Semester Block course, and ½ credit for each Term Block course.

All students must earn 26 credits for graduation.

The following credits are required for grade advancement:

  • From Grade 9 to 10: 5 credits earned

  • From Grade 10 to 11: 11 credits earned

  • From Grade 11 to 12: 18 credits earned