Academic Levels

All graded courses have an academic level indicating the relative degree of demands and challenge.

  • Advanced Placement courses

  • Honors courses

  • College Preparatory I courses

  • College Preparatory II courses

This rating system should be considered as an overall measure of the demands of Holliston High School courses and a factor used in conjunction with student grades in determining a student’s standing in a graduation class.

Only the class standing calculation at the end of the junior year is recorded with student records. (Exception: Top ten academic students receiving recognition at the graduation ceremony are selected using the quality point procedure at the end of 3 ¾ years of high school).

Placement in any College Preparatory II course is based upon teacher recommendation and subject to review and approval by guidance personnel and the administration. Enrollment will be based upon a student’s demonstrated ability level and skill set and not upon work ethic or effort.

A student who anticipates participating in college athletics or receive an athletic scholarship at a Division I or Division II college must complete 16 core courses or 14 core courses respectively in designated disciplines. For more information, please visit NCAA at