Program of Studies 2024-2025

This website is designed to help you plan your high school program of studies. It provides information about graduation requirements, post high school considerations, and descriptions of the courses offered at Holliston High School.

Study the site carefully and become familiar with the requirements of elective courses and those necessary for graduation and entry to colleges. Requirements for graduation are reviewed with all students at each grade level during the course selection presentations. Every student here is encouraged to develop his/her capacity in a variety of disciplines through a flexible and varied curriculum with rigorous course standards.

We encourage you to ask questions of your parents, teachers, and counselors before making your final course selections. I recommend that students consider all academic opportunities and choose courses because of their individual interests, needs, abilities and future plans. Your goal in selecting a program of studies should go beyond meeting college entrance requirements to selecting programs, which will develop you into a more broadly educated person. The best course selections usually result from students, parents, faculty, and guidance working together.

HHS Program of Studies 2024-2025

Program of Studies PDF

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