Dear Families,

Welcome to Holliston High School! We are a comprehensive high school focused on partnering with students to provide a very wide range of opportunities to demonstrate their interests, knowledge and skills. 

Over the last three years our students, faculty, parents/guardians, and community members have worked hard to create a Vision of the Graduate that supports student-centered instructional practices and fosters student ownership over their learning. Through our grades 9 - 12+ curriculum and experiences, our students will become engaged global citizens, innovative thinkers, effective communicators, and lifelong learners who exemplify character and live balanced lives.

The school and district have strong commitments to authentic learning experiences and continue to look for ways to engage students in unique and exciting courses that will foster independence, resilience and perseverance.  Holliston High School is always looking to increase student voice and agency so that students see the classroom environment strongly connected to the community through meaningful and relevant work. Our faculty work hard to build rapport with students, parents, and families so they understand that teachers care about them and want to support their success.

We thank you for your partnership in the learning process and look forward to many great years ahead.


Nicole Bottomley