Student Parent Handbook 2018-2019 Part 2 Extracurricular and Support Services (for translation)

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Extracurricular Activities Information


Activities and Athletics: Rules Governing School Privileges

To be eligible to participate in extracurricular clubs and activities and interscholastic athletics, students must have earned passing grades in three of four courses (incomplete grades are not considered passing grades) – using both term and final grades when available - in the term immediately preceding participation in the activity (club) or sport (for students attending an approved summer school program the final grades of program will be considered in determining eligibility for fall extracurricular clubs and activities and interscholastic athletics).  Eligibility for a succeeding term is determined on the day report cards for the previous term is issued to all students.

1. Fees for participation on teams or in extracurricular clubs, etc. must be paid in full by the last Friday in October in order for the student to continue participating. Only the Principal or his/her designee may grant waivers of this rule.

2.   Both student athletes and students involved in extracurricular activities must be present for at least 50% of a school day to be eligible for participation in that day’s event.  

  1. Students must adhere to all school rules and be a member in good standing with the school community.

School Committee




Participation in Extracurricular Activities


The text of School Committee Policy – Code JJIA – “Participation in Extracurricular Activities” may be found on the Policy Website.  

Class and Club Funds

Each class and group having student funds is to elect a student treasurer.  The class advisor or faculty advisor of the group is responsible for the treasurer’s performance.


  1. The treasurer shall issue receipts for all monies received and deposit such monies in the student fund in the school office on the same day they are received.  A receipt, which must be kept on file, is given to the class advisor.

  2. Expenditures are made by Advisors/Class Officers or by the Chairperson of events who is determined by the Advisor/Class Officer.  A receipt/bill must be presented for a reimbursement. A Reimbursement Form is completed and the original receipt/bill is attached.  A Class Officer and the Class Advisor sign the Reimbursement Form. It is then submitted for reimbursement. A check is issued in payment.

  3. The treasurer must enter transactions in the treasurer’s book on the day during which they occur.  The school office conducts an audit of the books once a month. Treasurers must audit their books at the close of each month and verify it with the office.

  4. All fundraising activities by student groups require prior approval from the administration.

Should a treasurer not fulfill the duties of the position properly, the advisor should consult with the Principal and arrange to relieve such treasurer of the position and arrange for the election of a new treasurer.  No treasurer, or other officer, may commit an organization to any financial obligation without first obtaining the approval of the advisor.

Class and Club Meetings

The class/club advisor is expected to attend each meeting and will assume full responsibility for the meeting.  All requests for class/club meetings must be made through the advisor to the administration. Class/club decisions, including fund raising, are subject to the approval of the advisor and the school administration.

All Student Council Representatives and Student Advisory Council Representatives elections are conducted in the fall.

Class Trips/Class Dues

All school-sanctioned class trips are an extension of school responsibility.  Teachers are in full charge of students. Class dues must be paid for all years attending Holliston High School in order to participate in class sponsored events.

Parental permission is required for student participation.  A student having a poor academic or disciplinary standing may be denied the privilege of participating in field trips.  All students participating in a field trip must use transportation provided by the school.

Class Officers

Election to a class officer’s position is a significant honor and responsibility.  Class officers are class leaders and role models and should abide by the rules in the Student/Parent Handbook and maintain academic eligibility in order to participate in Student Government.  If a class officer fails to meet these expectations, the High School Administration, in consultation with Class Advisors may suspend or revoke a student’s class office. An application for class officer positions is available from student council or any class advisor.

The officers of each class are the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Officers shall perform the duties specific to each position outlined, as follows:

  • Organize class activities (such as dances, outings, assemblies, fundraisers, etc.);

  • Help organize and participate in school-wide activities as a representative of the class;

  • Present proposals of student concern for consideration by the faculty and administration;

  • Pursue the best interest of their class in school matters; and

  • Act as an example of character and leadership.

Student Council

It shall be the duty of the Student Council to help coordinate various activities of the student body.  This council shall also act as a representative forum for the student body. Members shall work together to promote, in every possible way, the best interest and spirit of Holliston High School.

In addition to the general duties stated above, the duties of Student Council members will be to:

  • Bring before the Council any matter which is of substantial concern to members or their constituents or to students as a whole;

  • Support the school-wide observance of, and respect for, all decision of the Council regardless of the member’s original position on the issue;

  • Contribute to the successful functioning of the Council;

  • Participate regularly in Student Council meetings;

  • Pursue the best interests of the respective school’s student body; and,

  • Act as examples of character and leadership.

Specific Recommended Duties:

The President shall:

  • Preside over Student Council meetings;

  • Ensure the execution of Student Council by-laws;

  • Call meetings of the Student Council with the Advisor’s approval;

  • Prepare Student Council meeting agendas with the advice of the other officers and the Advisor;

  • Perform other tasks as they arise, as required by the specific demands of the office.

The Vice-President shall:

  • Perform all other duties assigned by the President;

  • Assume all duties of the President in case of his/her absence or removal from office; and,

  • Perform other tasks as they arise, as required by the specific demands of the office.

The Treasurer shall:

  • Attend to all financial matters and act upon all appropriations and expenditures which the class officers have approved;

  • Prepare and maintain an estimated budget and record of all financial transactions;

  • Submit a full financial report to the Student Council at each general meeting or upon need; and,

  • Perform other tasks as they arise, as required by the specific demands of the office.

The Secretary shall:

  • Prepare copies of the meeting agendas for the Student Council, Advisor(s) and administration;

  • Post all meeting agendas on the Council bulletin board and/or Website is applicable at least 24 hours in advance;

  • Record the minutes of all meetings;

  • Prepare a copy of the minutes of each meeting for the Advisor’s approval; and,

  • Perform other tasks as they arise, as required by the specific demands of the office.


  1. All student council members and class officers must maintain a 2.0 GPA or above.

  2. GPA’s must be maintained while in office and be reflected through their quarter grades.  If at any time an officer receives an “F” on a mid-term report the student is placed on academic probation.  They will not participate until they raise their grade, and/or GPA. If a person receives below the required GPA, or receives an “F” for two consecutive terms they will be permanently removed from the office position that they hold within their organization.

  3. Failure to maintain standards required by duties of each class office or student council position.

  4. Behavior that is not in keeping with the standards of responsibility and leadership expected of student government members including, but not limited to, any behavior which results in a multiple-day out-of-school suspension, or any action which displays or promotes intolerance toward others’ opinions or personal qualities.

  5. If a student misses three or more meetings of their particular organization then their membership for the current year shall be withdrawn.  The goal for this is to have students be more committed to their organization.



Nominees must meet the academic and other eligibility requirements of the office being sought. Nominees must be free of any disciplinary probation/suspension.  The election process will take place in the Spring, unless otherwise requested by the Activity Advisor(s) and authorized by the Administration.


School dances sponsored by a class or club must use the following procedures:

1. The function is planned well in advance by the class/group after clearing the date with the school administration.

2. Pre-sale of tickets is required.  If tickets are sold at the door, class/club advisor, one policeman, and one student is present.

3.   All dances for grades 9-12 which are held on campus will be scheduled from 7:30-10:30 p.m. with the exception of the Homecoming Dance, which will start at 7:00 p.m. and end at 10:30 p.m. Doors will be open for admittance at 7:30 p.m.  No one is allowed to enter the dance after 8:30 p.m. unless a special pass is obtained from the office on the day of the dance. For example, a pass will be given for students who work late or have a late athletic contest.

4. Only Holliston High School students are admitted to dances.  Holliston High School student identification cards are required for admission to all on-campus dance events. The exceptions are the Freshman/Sophomore Semi-Formal, the Junior Prom, and the Senior Prom.  Guests from other schools are allowed at the Junior and Senior Proms when they are accompanying a Holliston High School student who has pre-registered the guest and completed and returned the “Guest Request Form” to the Main Office.

5.  Once students leave the dance, they are not allowed to return.

  1. Chaperones must include faculty members, a police officer, and a custodian.

  1. Any evidence of smoking, drinking/drug abuse, or other inappropriate behavior is considered sufficient cause to notify the parent of the offending student.  The student will be detained in the office until the parent comes to pick up the student. If a parent/guardian is unavailable, the student may be placed in the care of the local police department.   

Student violation of school rules and standards of conduct may result in termination of the dance.

Proms and Semi-Formal Dances

The Junior/Senior Proms is held off-site.  As indicated above, guests from other schools are allowed to attend this function as long as the “School Dance – Guest Request Form” is completed, forwarded to, and approved by an administrator.

The Freshman/Sophomore Semi-Formal may be held off-site and may run from 6:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m.  This event is designed ONLY for Holliston High School students currently enrolled in grades 9 and 10.  Suggested attire for male students includes jacket, tie and slacks (tuxedos are discouraged); female students should wear appropriate semi-formal attire.  Escorts are not required as all freshman and sophomore students are welcome to attend.

Interscholastic Athletics

Holliston High School is a member of the Tri-Valley League and abides by the guidelines established by the Middlesex League and the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association.

Athletic Eligibility

In order for students to participate in athletics they must complete a permission form, chemical health form, and a physical examination by a doctor, and also meet the following eligibility rules:

  • A student shall have been a member of the MIAA member secondary school for a minimum of two months (exclusive of the Summer vacation) and have been issued a report card preceding the contest, unless entering from an elementary or junior high school at the start of the school year.

  • All students transferring from one school to another must meet all state requirements.

In addition to adhering to the tenets of the MIAA academic eligibility requirements, Holliston High School requires students to attain passing grades in three of their courses (incomplete grades are not considered to be passing grades) – using both term and final grades when available - in the term immediately preceding participation in the sport (for students attending an approved summer school program, the final grades of program will be considered in determining eligibility for Fall athletics).  Eligibility for a succeeding term is determined on the day report cards for the previous term is issued to all students.

Academically ineligible students may become eligible at the end of each term by attaining passing term and semester grades in all courses.   

  • Students who are academically ineligible must tryout with the team at the beginning of the season.  Students who make the team are held to the same expectations as their teammates, including attending all practices and games until they become eligible.  Students who are academically ineligible may not participate in any scrimmage or game.

  • Regarding interscholastic athletics: any student deemed ineligible at the start of a season would remain ineligible until the next marking period term and final grades are issued.

  • Students who are ineligible due to incomplete course work may become eligible if the incomplete grades become passing grades.

  • Students who are ineligible may continue to practice with a team, at the coach’s discretion, until they become eligible.

In addition:

  • If any student becomes nineteen years old before September 1st of the upcoming academic year, the student is no longer eligible.

  • All students shall abide by the rules and regulations set forth by their coaches and athletic department.

  • All students shall refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco products, and drugs.

  • All students shall be responsible for all equipment issued regardless of the circumstance of its loss or theft.

Students absent from school on the day of a game, scrimmage, or practice will not be permitted to participate in the activity.  In order to take part in any athletic or extracurricular activities, a student must be present for at least 50% of the day.  Anything less will exclude a student from taking part in any after school or evening activity.  This includes athletic events, social and academic activities and any other extracurricular activity. Only the administration can excuse an absence.  

Athletic Squad Rules and Conduct Requirements

Student athletes are subject to school rules and regulations governing student behavior as cited in this handbook.  All participants are reminded that they must be good citizens in order to represent their school and community in co-curricular activities.  Violations of school rules resulting in suspension from school will automatically preclude student involvement in athletics or other co-curricular activities for the length of the suspension. Repeated violations may result in the loss of any co-curricular privileges.  All student-athletes must abide by the following:

  1. No student may practice or play unless the coach has a completed Athletic Registration Form in his/her possession.

  1. In order to take part in any athletic or extracurricular activities, a student must be present for at least 50% of the day.  Anything less will exclude a student from taking part in any after school or evening activity.

  1. A player who is absent from a contest (game) without good and just cause may be suspended for a maximum of the next two contests.  Any repeat of the behavior, or such absence from the last contest of the season, will result in automatic suspension from the team and loss of the right to any awards or activities that may be due other members of the team.

  1. During a sports season, a student who decides to attend a trip not sponsored by Holliston High School, or elects to go on a vacation, upon his/her return, will participate in all practices and will not participate in the first interscholastic event.  Family related activities may be excused upon prior approval of the Athletic Director or an Administrator. The student's status as to his/her eligibility for an award is not affected.

  1. No participation on "outside" teams during the season, except those permitted under MIAA rules.

  1. Satisfactory attendance at practice as required by the coach.  If there is a need to be excused from attending a practice or meeting, it is the responsibility of the student-athlete and/or his/her parents to confer with the coach before, not after, the practice/meeting.

  1. A student must be present at the practice preceding a game in order to participate in the game, unless excused by the coach.

  1. A student may not change from one sport to another once the first game of either sport is played (special exceptions may be decided by the Principal or his/her designee for involvement in open enrollment sports).  No student may play more than one sport per season.

  1. A student reporting late for team membership is required to report regularly to all team practices, games and activities for a period of two weeks prior to participating in a scheduled contest.  No student may try out for a team after final cuts are made unless prior approval for extenuating circumstances (e.g., injuries). A student who is cut from one team is given a full tryout for a second “non-cut” open enrollment sport, provided s/he is present at the next available practice.

  1. Team members will, at all times, maintain a satisfactory academic level of performance, as required by Holliston High School and MIAA guidelines.  Members in violation of the code of conduct as prescribed in other sections of this handbook may be subject to suspension from a team.

  1. A student whose actions bring discredit to his/her team, teammates, and/or school may be suspended for a period of time determined by the coach, Athletic Director, and High School Administration.

  1. No person, other than members of the team, coaches, or authorized persons will occupy any part of the bench during the game.

  1. A student must have school insurance or equivalent insurance coverage approved by the Superintendent of Schools.

  1. All players must have a physical examination within thirteen months before trying out for any sport.  

  1. A student excused from physical education class for medical reasons may not participate in athletics as long as s/he does not participate in physical education classes.

  1. All athletes must ride the bus to and from games unless excused by the Athletic Director or an Administrator.  Coaches may not grant this permission except in the event of a student riding with his/her parent.

  1. It is the responsibility of the athlete to report all injuries to the coach.  Athletes are responsible for working with the trainer and the coach to insure that an accident report is submitted in a timely fashion to cover school and insurance company requirements.

  1. Each student is held accountable for all equipment issued and must return the equipment promptly in clean and good condition at the request of the coach.  A student who does not meet his/her responsibility in this area will be denied awards and further participation in the athletic program until restitution is made at current replacement cost for said equipment.

  1. MIAA and league rules will be followed in all contests.  (Copies of rules and regulations are on file at the office of the Athletic Director and the Principal.)

  1. Captains may be selected by the coach or through a team election.  All team members are eligible to be selected. Captains should represent the core values of the school and athletic department.  Captains are required to take part in leadership programs outside the boundaries of their sport including, but not limited to: Captain Council, MIAA leadership training opportunities, etc.

The Athletic Director, following consultation with the head coach and High School Administration, may remove a student-athlete as a captain or co-captain who:

1) Fails to meet the responsibilities of his/her elected position;

2) Becomes academically ineligible;

3) Commits an alcohol/chemical violation; or

4) Brings dishonor to Holliston High School in any way and at any time after being elected.

** A student-athlete who is removed from the role of team captain, MAY be reinstated upon successful completion of the following criteria:

  • serve the suspension willingly and cooperatively while supporting the team in every way possible;

  • provide service to the team (examples: repair of nets, goals, equipment / clean fields, courts / organize out-of-season events;

  • attend and/or participate in an appropriate alcohol/drug seminar;

  • provide a formal apology to the team, its coaches, and school administration;

  • complete a community service project (designed in conjunction with the coach, athletic director and school administration);

  • be nominated by the Athletic Director and coach for reconsideration of captaincy; and be reaffirmed as team captain by a ballot vote of team members.

  1. Coaches may make rules governing the conduct of players and the requirements of training and practice.  These rules are reviewed with the Athletic Director and High School Administration to ensure that they are not in conflict with any regulations of the MIAA or procedures in this handbook.  These rules will be made available to all prospective student-athletes for each sport; with a copy on file at the Athletic Director’s office.

Bona Fide Team Member Rule

A bona fide member of the school team is a student who is regularly present for, and actively participates in, all team practices and competitions.  Bona fide members of a school team are precluded from missing a High School practice or competition in order to practice or compete with an out-of-school team.  The first offense of the bona fide team rule will result in a suspension for 25% of the season. Any student who violates this standard a second time will be suspended for an additional 25 % of the season and become ineligible for the MIAA tournament(s) in that sport for that season.

Fan Participation

Students removed from an athletic event due to disruptive, uncooperative or unsportsmanlike conduct will lose the privilege of fan participation in future school-sponsored events as determined by the Athletic Director.

Gymnasium, Use of…

After school use of the gymnasium is restricted to students who have the express permission of a staff member.  Students must be supervised at all times by authorized school personnel.

Interscholastic Athletic Sports


             FALL   WINTER      SPRING





Ice Hockey










             FALL   WINTER      SPRING





Ice Hockey (co-op)


Field Hockey

Gymnastics (co-op)



Swimming (co-op)




Participation in Interscholastic Athletics

Interscholastic athletics are intended to provide a competitive experience for our most qualified student athletes.  Strong programs are offered for both girls and boys throughout the three seasons. The lessons of teamwork, pride in accomplishment, and good sportsmanship learned on the playing fields are valuable to all who participate.  

Athletes who have made a team make a commitment to be at all practice sessions, contests, and team meetings.  Any team member who must be late, or miss a practice or contest for any reason must confer with the team coach.  Absences from practices or contests jeopardize retaining a position on a team or the reception of any team or individual awards.

Mandatory practices are held daily for approximately two hours, or as appropriate to the sport.  Some practices and games are held on the weekends. No practice is held without a Holliston High School coaching staff member present.

Participation Fees


$50 (one time fee per year)


$225 per sport/season

Parking Fee

$50 per vehicle

Performing Arts

$100 per activity (i.e. Harmonix, Act Two, Fall Musical, METG, One Acts, Spring Play etc.)

The maximum family contribution for athletics is $1,125.00 per school year.  There is no maximum family cap for Fine and Performing Art fees.  Payment in full must be received prior to any participation.

All fee payments should be made at the Holliston High School Main Office.  Checks should be made payable as follows:

 Activity                    Type of Payment

Athletic Fees checks made payable to Town of Holliston – Athletics

All other Fees                  checks made payable to Town of Holliston - Fee reason)

Athletic fees are turned in to the Main Office with the completed participation form obtained from the School Nurse.  A separate check is necessary for each participant. Payment of the fee permits a student to participate in an activity.  It does not entitle or guarantee the participant a minimum playing or performance time in scrimmages, games, etc.

No refunds are made for voluntary or involuntary withdrawal from an activity after cuts are made or the first contest is held. When a sports injury prevents participation in the activity, a refund may be made at the discretion of the Principal.

Severe or habitual violations of the disciplinary code may result in administrative removal of school privileges and/or of participation in school activities without a refund of any money paid for participation.

Preseason Responsibilities

The coach of each sport will hold an informational meeting prior to the start of the season; candidates are expected to attend.  Any candidate for a team must meet the following requirements prior to attending any tryout or practice session. In order to try out for a team, a student must:

  1. Be academically eligible

  2. Have a “passed” physical examination on file with the School Nurse

  3. Have submitted a signed parental/guardian permission form

  4. Be under nineteen years of age by September 1st

Program Goals for Team Levels

Sub-Varsity Teams:  Holliston High School offers several sub-varsity teams in order to allow as many students as possible to participate and share in the experience and benefits derived from team membership and to further skill development and conditioning for possible future higher level competition.  The emphasis of the program at the sub-varsity level is on the development of basic skills, appropriate attitudes, and team concepts through competition.

Varsity Teams:  To compete successfully with other Tri-Valley League schools and with other schools or individuals of a similar division in State Tournament competition.  Assessments are made by the coach throughout the season relative to the level most beneficial to the development and progress of each player and team. It should be understood that at the varsity level playing time could be limited under certain conditions.

Prohibited Activities: MIAA Chemical Health Rule

In addition to the Holliston High School procedure and consequences listed under the Alcohol and Drug Use by Students Policy the following applies to students who participate in interscholastic athletics.

During the school year, from the earliest fall practice date, to the conclusion of the academic year or final athletic event (whichever is latest), a student shall not, regardless of the quantity, use, consume, possess, buy/sell, or give away any beverage containing alcohol; any tobacco product(including e-cigarettes, VAPE pens and all similar devices); marijuana (including synthetic); steroids; or any controlled substance.  This policy includes products such as “NA or near beer”. It is not a violation for a student to be in possession of a legally defined drug specifically prescribed for the student’s own use by his/her doctor.

At Holliston High School, any student who appears in a police report for either violating the MIAA Chemical Health Rule or refusing to cooperate with law enforcement officials, will be subject to the MIAA consequences listed below.

Penalties shall be cumulative.  If the penalty period is not commenced or completed during the season of violation, the penalty shall commence or carry over to the student’s next season of actual participation, which may affect the eligibility status of the student during the next academic year.  If a student in violation of this rule is unable to participate in interscholastic sports due to injury, academics, or otherwise, the penalty will not take effect until that student is able to participate again.

Minimum Penalties: (MIAA regulations; adopted on July 1, 2005)

  • First Violation:  When the Principal confirms, following an opportunity for the student to be heard, that a violation occurred, the student shall lose eligibility for the next consecutive interscholastic contests totaling 25% of all interscholastic contests in that sport.  For the student, these penalties will be determined by the season the violation occurs. No exception is permitted for a student who becomes a participant in a treatment program. It is recommended that the student be allowed to remain at practice for the purpose of rehabilitation.  All decimal part of an event will be truncated i.e. All fractional part of an event will be dropped when calculating the 25% of the season.

  • Second and Subsequent Violations:  When the Principal confirms, following an opportunity for the student to be heard, that a violation occurred, the student shall lose eligibility for the next consecutive interscholastic contests totaling 60% of all interscholastic contests in that sport.  For the student, these penalties will be determined by the season the violation occurs. All decimal part of an event will be truncated i.e. All fractional part of an event will be dropped when calculating the 60% of the season.

  • If the second or subsequent violations the student of his/her own volition becomes a participant in an approved dependency program or treatment program, the student may be certified for reinstatement in MIAA activities after a minimum of 40% of events.  The director or a counselor of a chemical dependency treatment program must issue such certification. All decimal part of an event will be truncated i.e. All fractional part of an event will be dropped when calculating the 40% of the season.

Penalties shall be cumulative each academic year, but a penalty period will extend into the next academic year, (e.g. if the penalty period is not completed during the season of violation, the penalty shall carry over to the student’s next season or actual participation, which may affect the eligibility status of the student during the next academic year).

First Offense

Number of Events per Season

Number of Events / Penalty









20 or over


Second Offense

Number of Events per Season

Number of Events / Penalty























20 or over


Second Offense with Dependency Program

Number of Events per Season

Number of Events / Penalty















20 or over


School Athletic Equipment Responsibility

Students are responsible for and are expected to maintain proper care of all athletic equipment and uniforms issued to them.  Once issued, students are responsible for payment of any items lost, stolen, or damaged. Each item not returned is assessed at a rate comparable to the current replacement cost.  Any student-athlete not returning his/her equipment and uniforms is billed for the equipment or uniforms at a rate comparable to the current replacement cost.

Taunting Rule – MIAA Mandate

Taunting includes any actions or comments by coaches, players, or spectators that are intended to bait, anger, embarrass, ridicule, or demean others whether or not the deeds or words are vulgar or racist.  Included is conduct that berates, needles, intimidates, or threatens based on race, gender, ethnic origin, or background, and conduct that attacks religious beliefs, size, economic status, speech, family, special needs, or personal matters.

Examples of taunting include but are not limited to:  “trash talk”, defined as verbal communication of a personal nature directed by a competitor to an opponent by ridiculing his/her skills, efforts, sexual orientation, or lack of success, which is likely to provoke an altercation or physical response; and physical intimidation outside the spirit of the game, including “in the face” confrontations by one player to another and standing over/straddling a tackled or fallen player.

At all MIAA contest sites and tournament venues, event organizers may give spectators one warning for taunting.  Thereafter, spectators who taunt players, coaches, game officials, or other spectators are subject to ejection.

Team Selection & Communication

Participation in the Holliston High School athletic program is a privilege, and all student-athletes are expected to provide a leadership role for other members of the student body, and to always act in an exemplary manner complementary to the team, school, and community.

The coaching staff of each sport has the sole responsibility for selecting team members, determining the level of play most beneficial to the development of the player and team, and the amount of playing time.  Player concerns must be addressed first between the coach and the player. If a significant issue is not resolved, parents should plan to meet with the coach. If a resolution is not reached between the student-athlete, parent(s), and coach, the matter may be presented to the Athletics Director.

Try-outs:  During the tryout period each coach will provide an explanation of her/his expectations.  It is the responsibility of the student to demonstrate to the coach that she/he can fulfill these expectations. If a student is not selected for a team, it is her/his responsibility to contact the coach personally if an explanation is wanted. Once a student is selected for a team, she/he may not quit that team in order to join another team.

Student Support Services


Health Services

Accident, Illness, Injury

When a student asks to see the nurse, a teacher will arrange a visit.  Students who become ill during lunch should report directly to the school nurse.  Students may not report to the nurse’s office between classes. When a student is ill, the only place to be is the nurse’s office.  It is unacceptable for a student to spend the class period in the lavatory. If the nurse’s office is closed, the student should report to the Main Office.

When illness requires the student to be sent home, the nurse will contact the parent or guardian.  If a parent sends a taxi for the student, the parent will pay the expense. In the event the nurse is unable to contact the parent, he/she will use his/her judgment in arranging for the student’s transportation home.  Students dismissed by the nurse must be picked up at the nurse’s office.

Emergency Dismissal Forms

Forms signed by the parent or guardian must be on file in the School Nurse’s Office.  The information requested is critical at time of illness or emergency. Parents/guardians are required to update this information throughout the school year as information changes.

Health Regulations

A record is kept of all visits to the Health Office.  Parents are notified if a health problem seems to be developing.

The school physician and the school nurse provide advisory and emergency care only.  The school health office should not be viewed as the student’s primary health care provider.  Once first aid is administered, it is the responsibility of the family and family physician to carry out treatment and after-care.

In case of extreme emergency when it is impossible to reach the parents, and if the nurse is not available, the Principal acts as parent in absentia and will take whatever steps appear necessary.

Only those injuries or illnesses occurring in the school, on the bus, or on the school grounds are the responsibility of school personnel.

We encourage families to notify the school nurse, in writing, of any health condition pertinent to the student’s well being, such as tendency to nosebleed, epilepsy, toxic reaction to bee stings, or other allergies, diabetes, bone and joint problems, difficulties with speech, vision, or hearing, and religious stipulations regarding medical care.

Medication Procedures

The following procedures are put in place to ensure the health and safety of students requiring medication during the school day.

The Holliston Public Schools require that a Medication Order/Parental Consent Form is on file in the Health Office before any medication is given in school.  The form includes:

  1. Signed consent by the parent/guardian.  This is required to dispense any medication.

  2. Signed medication order.  The written medication order form should be taken to the student’s licensed prescriber (student’s physician, nurse practitioner, etc.) for completion and returned to the school nurse.  The order must be renewed as needed and at the beginning of each academic year.


Short Term Prescription Medication, i.e., those requiring administration for ten (10) school days or less, the pharmacy labeled container may be used in lieu of a licensed prescriber’s written order. Acetaminphen or Iburofen (standard dosage) requires written parental consent only (Signature on the back side of the School Health Information Form). All other medications, (cough medicine, antihistamines, etc.) require a signed medication order from the student’s licensed prescriber.

Medicines should be delivered to the school in a pharmacy or manufacturer labeled container by a parent/guardian or their responsible adult designee.  Please ask the pharmacy to provide separate bottles for school and home. No more than thirty-day supply of the medicine should be delivered to school.  When a student needs a medicine administered during the school day, parents/guardians are asked to act quickly to follow these procedures so the school may begin to give the medicine as soon as possible.

Students may carry Epi-Pens and inhalers with the proper documentation on file in the nurse’s office.

MIAA Rules – Physical Examinations

All students must pass a physical examination within thirteen months of the start of each season.  Students who meet these criteria at the start of the season will remain eligible for that season. The appropriate medical authority as defined by the MIAA Sports Medicine Committee must perform physical examinations.  Currently the definition is a duly registered physician. In addition, physicians’ assistants and nurse practitioners may administer school physicals under the provisions of existing state law.

No one is allowed to participate in tryouts without these physical requirements. The school nurse will give sports forms to students after the physical document is checked.

Physical Examinations

Vision and hearing tests and height and weight measurements are required for all grade ten students according to the General Laws of Massachusetts (M.G.L. c.71, s.57).

Scoliosis screening is required for all students in grade nine.

Physical examinations by private physicians are required by law for all grade ten students (General Laws of Massachusetts Ch. 71 S57).  

Immunizations must be kept up to date according to M.G.L. c.76, s.15, and the regulations and guidelines adopted by the Department of Public Health.  Parents will be informed if the student is in need of immunization.

New admissions to Holliston High School (all grades) must have a valid physical within a year prior to entry date and be accompanied with an up-to-date immunization card.

Religious Objections

If parents/guardians have any objections on the basis of their religion to routine physical examinations, first aid in emergencies, or other medical procedures that might occur in the school, it is important that they contact the school in writing so that the information is recorded.

Notwithstanding the receipt of such notice, if school personnel believe that the student is experiencing a medical emergency, they will call 911 for assistance.

Return to School Following Accident and/or Illness

A student returning to school after an accident, operation, or serious illness must present a doctor’s certificate stating that he/she may resume a full program including athletics or that he/she requires a modification of her/his school program to meet her/his physical needs.  A student returning to school after a communicable disease must present a doctor’s certificate stating that the student is free from the disease in its communicable form.

Examples of restrictions: no use of stairs, no Physical Education (Wellness), special seating accommodations, etc.  Any student absent for five consecutive days requires a doctor’s certificate.

Student Health/Accident Insurance

In order to participate in athletics, all students are required to have health insurance approved by the Superintendent of Schools.  

Accidents must be reported immediately to the teacher in charge.  The teacher must send a written report of the accident to the nurse’s office.  If the accident necessitates the student going to the doctor, dentist, or securing medical assistance from any other source, the student should request an insurance claim form from the Main Office.  This form is signed by the parents and the doctor, and then mailed directly to the insurance company.

Library Services

The mission of the Holliston High School Library program is to implement, enrich, and support the educational program of Holliston High School. Through its programs, resources, and practices it strives to ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information. The library accomplishes these goals by:

  • Providing intellectual and physical access to materials

  • Providing a facility to meet those needs

  • Providing an atmosphere conducive to learning

  • Collaborating with classroom teachers in designing library curriculum units to meet students’ research needs and increase student achievement

  • Maintaining school and community partnerships

For more information on collection development at the Holliston High School library, please see the School Committee’s policy on selecting library materials. Questions on collection development and library materials may be addressed by the Library Review Committee.


Monday – Friday 7:00 – 3:00 P.M.

The library may close for meetings, test administration, or special events. The librarian may also extend afternoon hours depending on the study needs of students. Adequate notice will be given.

A student who wishes to use the library during the day may visit with classes or present a library pass signed by a staff member or an administrator.

Any students wishing to visit the library during DSB must obtain a library pass from their second block teacher.  Students who sign out library DSB passes and fail to show up, give their passes to other students, or leave the library without permission before the end of DSB may have their library DSB privileges suspended.

Students may eat lunch in the library as long as all garbage and recyclable materials are disposed of properly. This privilege may be revoked if wrappers, cans, bottles or food are left behind. Food and drinks are never allowed at the library computers.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the library program by using the many fine materials available to all members of the Holliston High School community. If you have any questions about the availability or location of materials, please feel free to ask the librarian for any assistance. When using the library, students are asked to respect the quiet learning atmosphere of the library, as well as its materials.

Library Collections


Holliston High School Library has over 9,000 print volumes that complement the high school curriculum and support independent reading. Included are over 800 reference and 4900 non-fiction books, 500 biographies, and more than 2000 fiction titles. Our library subscribes to several print journals and magazines.

Audiovisual Materials

The library maintains a small collection of VHS tapes, DVDs and audiobooks on CD and cassette.

Digital Materials

All library workstations are internet accessible. Databases and e-books provided by the state and purchased by Holliston High School are all available from school and home through the library homepage ( Some databases may require passwords; ask the librarian for login information. In addition, classes visiting the library may have class resource pages on the library website. These pages may include book lists, recommended databases, and links to websites selected by the librarian and classroom teachers. Students accessing the internet in the library must adhere to the Holliston Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy or their computer privileges may be suspended or revoked.

Circulation Procedures

Regular Loan Items

Most books may be borrowed for two weeks. All regular loan items can be renewed as long as they have not been requested by another student or faculty member.

Reference Books

Reference books, including encyclopedias, may be borrowed for three days.

Reserve Books

Books on reserve for a particular class may be checked out for one to three days at that teacher's discretion. Students who fail to return reserve books on time may have their borrowing privileges suspended until items are returned.

Movies and Audiobooks

All audiovisual materials may be borrowed for two weeks. They may be renewed as long as they have not been requested by another student or faculty member. Students are responsible for any damage to audiovisual materials.


Magazines and journals may be borrowed for a class period or day. Teachers may also reserve certain copies or titles for a period of time for classroom use.

Overdue Books

Students are expected to return all material on time. Overdue notices are distributed to homeroom teachers periodically. Students must pay for lost and/or damaged library materials. Failure to return library materials, particularly those that have been requested by other students or faculty members, may result in suspension of borrowing privileges.

Special Education

Student Support Services are available for the entire school population.  Trained professionals are available to identify, assess, and when appropriate, implement support for students who may require specific services to optimize learning opportunities.

Holliston High School provides a rich curriculum; instructional practices and varied programs of services geared to individual needs; including opportunities for strong family involvement and awareness of the educational services in the school.

Special education services are offered to Holliston students as required by M.G.L. c.71B and its regulations and the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and its regulations.  Administrators work with the classroom teacher(s), specialists, and parents to ensure that, when appropriate, referrals are made to assess a student’s eligibility for special education services. A complete description of this program and the rights of parents and students can be obtained from the Main Office.   If you believe that your child requires special education services, please contact 429-0677. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. If a student is found to have a disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities, s/he is entitled to an accommodation plan that will allow him/her to access the full educational program at the Holliston Public Schools as students without that disability.  If you believe your child requires an accommodation plan, please contact the Guidance Department. The Coordinator for Compliance under Section 504 is Dr. Bradford Jackson.

Bradford L. Jackson, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Holliston Public Schools

370 Hollis Street

Holliston, MA 01746