Social & Emotional Wellness

Holliston High School cares about more than just academics. We believe that a student's physical and mental health are just as important as their learning, and we want every child to enjoy high school as a rich, rewarding experience, striking the right balance of challenge and success.

Below is a list of resources and and programs available to HHS students who need a little help maintaining managing their personal wellness.

Need help getting started? 

Holliston High School guidance counselors are your best first step. They can help you find the people, programs, and services you need. Please stop in and let the secretary know that you need to see a counselor right away.

You can also talk to the school nurse, Ms. Olson, or our school social workers, Ms. Tomasz in Room 333 and Ms. Calais in guidance. 

And don't forget, any teacher or administrator is ready to listen to you and can direct to you people who can help you the best.