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I can’t see my course listed at all. What should I do?

Sometimes there is a second page of courses… Scroll to the bottom of the screen and see if there are additional pages. If so, click on the next page.

My course is “grayed out” and I can’t click on the box. How can I fix this?

If you cannot click the box next to the course you want, the teacher did not recommend it. Please email your teacher to ask if they would consider making the recommendation. The teacher needs to recommend the course in order for it to be available for students.

Is Geometry CP I a single semester course or is it two semesters?

Geometry CP I (and Geometry CP II) is two semesters. You will need to select Geometry CP I Part I (semester long, 1 credit course) AND Geometry CP I Part II (semester long, 1 credit course.) If you are missing the second course, please email your teacher and copy your counselor on the email. The teacher will have to add this course in order for you to select it

I was recommended for Art I Honors by my teacher at the middle school, but I can’t submit my requests because it says I have too many credits. 

Contact your counselor at the high school - she can help you troubleshoot this issue. In most cases, you will be pushing Foundations of 21st Century Learning off until sophomore year.

I want to override a teacher's recommendation. What should I do since I left the paper at school and can’t meet with my teacher? The override process is now electronic! Please submit this form by April 17, 2020. Please see below for the updated process:

  1. Select the original recommended course in PowerSchool.
  2. Submit an override request using the online override request form.
  3. Your parent/guardian and your teacher will receive an email with your response and an outline of next steps.
  4. A conversation between the teacher, parent and student must take place to discuss any concerns regarding the override and skills that you will need to have in order to be successful in the higher level course.
  5. After the conversation, the teacher emails the school counselor which serves as confirmation that the conversation took place.
  6. After the conversation, the parent/guardian emails the school counselor which serves as their signature and approval for their child to override.
  7. Once the school counselor has the online form request and the two emails stated above in #5 and #6, the change to your course will be made manually.

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