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MakerSpace Tutorials

Learn-At-Your-Own-Pace Lessons

The HHS MakerSpace is designed to make your ideas and creativity come to life! Some of the tools are high-tech, and with a little bit of training, you’ll be making stuff like a pro! Use these tutorials to teach yourself how to design 3D models, print 3D objects, design 2D vector graphics, and cut custom vinyl stickers.


  1. Intro to Tinkercad & 3D Printing
    Make your first model, and print it, too!

  2. Getting Better at Tinkercad
    Learn about the features of Tinkercad to make cooler, more complex models

  3. 3D Printing 101
    Learn about how 3D printing works, and how the printer’s capabilities and limits affect your design process. 

  4. Challenge A: Personalized Keychain
    Use what you have learned to design and print a customized key chain with your name on it! (Or follow our step-by-step “solution”)

  5. Challenge B: Cell Phone Stand
    Use what you have learned to design and print a cell phone stand that fits your phone!

    And coming soon....

  6. Vinyl Cutter 101
    Learn about the vinyl cutter, what it does, and how you can use it

  7. Cell Phone Name Label
    Cut your first vinyl pattern, to stick your name to your cell phone

  8. Intro to YouiDraw
    Learn about vector drawing, so you can make custom vinyl stickers

  9. Challenge C: Water Bottle Decorations
    Use what you have learned about vector drawing and the vinyl cutter to make decorative stickers for your favorite water bottle or travel mug

  10. Challenge D: Desk Name Plate
    Use what you have learned about 3D printing and vinyl cutting to make a Name Plate sign for your desk at home!