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New Recommendations for BYOD Devices

posted Mar 19, 2015, 4:45 AM by Tom Reeve   [ updated Sep 3, 2015, 2:06 PM ]
HHS has recently revised its device recommendations for the BYOD technology program. The new recommendations, detailed in the informational flyer below, emphasize "laptop-style" devices, such as Windows or Linux laptops, Macbooks, and Chromebooks, with built-in keyboards and 10"+ screen sizes.

These new recommendations are for incoming 9th graders who plan to start at HHS in Fall 2015, and for any upperclassmen who are planning to purchase a new device. 

Current HHS students who own tablets or other devices not met by the recommendations are NOT expected to upgrade. The new guidelines are for new purchases only, and classes in grades 10-12 will continue to allow devices from the old device recommendations. That said, upperclassmen who are considering new devices should follow the new recommendations for the best academic experience.

Students or parents who have questions about the new device recommendations can contact the HHS Technology Integration Specialist or the HHS Main Office at 508-429-0677.

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