October 25, 2019

posted Oct 25, 2019, 7:12 AM by Maryann Schofield



Come to the Culture Connect Club’s first meeting in Mrs. Nolan’s room, Monday, October 28!  Contact Bella Park, Namitha Alluri or riley Robinson for more details and to be notified when meeting are being held.  Hope you come celebrate your culture with us!




For students that are taking the Pre-ACT tomorrow,  check in will begin at 7:25 in the main lobby outside the auditorium and testing will begin promptly at 8am. Please remember to bring a current and valid school ID or government- issued photo ID. Students that arrive after their test booklets have been distributed in their testing room will not be permitted to test and will be sent home.  




Class of 2022, Class dues are once again being collected by Cara Chipman and Mr. Strum.  See Facebook page for more details.




Senior Dress-Up day for Halloween is Friday, November 1st and we are excited to see the creative costumes the seniors have put together. 


Seniors: make sure you put time, effort and creativity into your costume because we all love to see the amazing costumes you come up with. However, here are some restrictions to make sure good judgement is used:

  • No masks or other items that obscure the face or could make identification of the student difficult.

  • Nothing that could pose a potential safety risk to self or others, i.e. roller blades, skateboards, scooters, bicycles, stilts, long sticks or toy/play weapons

  • Nothing that resembles a handgun, rifle or other firearm

  • Nothing of a provocative, revealing nature - dress should be appropriate for an educational setting

  • No costumes intending to resemble past or present staff members

  • Nothing that demeans or makes fun of anyone with a disability or jests at social, cultural or religious groups

  • Use good judgement please! Let's keep this a really fun day for everyone.