November 7, 2016

posted Nov 7, 2016, 6:07 AM by Maryann Schofield

This morning all students will report to their advisory/homeroom for DSB to participate in our HHS Presidential Mock Election.  Homeroom lists for seniors are in the front lobby, outside the cafeteria and upstairs outside Room 613. 

Homerooms have been assigned to a state to vote as part of the electoral college.  Students will have the opportunity to vote for their candidate and then watch the results come in live by way of a news broadcast from our own t.v. studio.  Results of the electoral vote as well as the popular vote will be announced as soon as the tally is complete. Candidate information sheets are available in each homeroom for students who may want to learn more about the candidate's stance on the major issues.  Have fun and see how our democratic process works."


Come support the girls and boys cross country teams as they race in the Eastern Mass Divisional Championship on Saturday at the Wrentham Developmental Center. The girls’ race at 9 and the boys’ race at 10:30.  Both teams would appreciate support from everyone at HHS.


Interviews for directors will be held right after school TODAY until 2:30 in the auditorium.  Please bring two copies of your script, two set sketches, and a completed questionnaire to your interview.  Contact Kyra Allen if you have any questions. 


Ski and Snowboard club sign-ups are open November 1 to December 1.  Visit the Holliston PTO website, click programs then Ski and Snowboard.  Sign-up is all on-line this year.  We have some take-home materials in the main office.  This is NOT a school sponsored event.


Registration is now open for Winter sports.  Please make sure your physical is up-to-date with the nurse’s office prior to the start of the season!


There will be a Yearbook meeting on November 9th, Wednesday.  Be there!

Seniors:  If you have NOT turned in your senior grid response, please check your school email.