The Theatre Arts program at Holliston High School presents an opportunity for the student of the theatre, as well as the novice, to learn and appreciate the elements of theatre as both a performer and as a supporter of the art. Students will investigate theatre through experiences in performance, evaluation, study and theatre exercises. The students will develop their emotional and sensory awareness and better appreciate the commitment and discipline necessary for the expression of this art form. Students will be continuously challenged to participate as active learners and critical thinkers, while being prepared to realize their maximum potential as contributing members of the community.

Theatre 370, the extra curricular drama program also produces four main stage productions each year including a fall musical, a state festival play (student-scripted), student and alumni directed one acts, and a spring play. The mission of Theatre 370 is to provide professional quality output for the learning and advancement of high school theatre arts.

Theatre 370's original play, The Next Voice You Hear, will be performed at the METG Semifinals at Brockton High School on March 18th. Check our social media pages for updates!

Auditions for the Spring Blackbox play, Mr. Burns, a post electric play, will be held on Thursday, March 9th after school. Click here for information about the show and the audition.


    Courtney Bottomley, Director
    Holliston High School Theatre Arts
    370 Hollis St.
    Holliston, MA 01746
    508-429-0677 x5107