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** Advanced study is available within this course, limited to the availability of space after first-year students have been accommodated. Advanced students must meet the prerequisite of a "B+" or higher grade in the first-year course and have approval of the teacher.

In this course the student will be involved with the many problems encountered in creating original pieces of three-dimensional art. He/she will experience a variety of methods and techniques and will learn many related skills such as carving, modeling, and casting. Students will have the opportunity to develop several projects and experience working with materials such as clay, plaster, plastics, metal, wood and wax. The course requires a certain amount of physical exertion and the ability and patience to work on one project for a long period of time. Students will participate in group critiques and self-assessment, write research papers, engage in reflective writing, and read associated articles. Students can expect one to two hours of homework each week. Students will be assessed through a final written exam and a portfolio review.