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Drawing Gallery




This is an introductory course in which students will explore the problems of observation (i.e., learning to see), basic techniques (i.e., learning to use art media - ink, pencil, pen, etc.) and composition (i.e., learning to arrange objects on paper). Projects with line, shape, texture and value, with emphasis on design, will be explored. Students will work with perspective, figure drawing, landscape, still life and various imaginative experiments. The course will offer a strong emphasis on drawing skills and techniques, as well as encourage the development of creative imagination. Students are expected to work beyond the limits of the class period (expect one to two hours of homework per week). Class critiques and discussions are employed to help students note their progress. Students will write research papers, engage in reflective writing, and read associated articles. Students will be assessed through a written final exam and portfolio review.

Advanced Drawing

This course builds on the knowledge and skills developed in the drawing course. Drawing from observation will continue to be the central focus of the course. Technique (the use of art media) will be refined and expanded. Design and the composition of visual elements will be further investigated. Students are required to work beyond class time on homework assignments and should expect a minimum of two to three hours per week to successfully complete his/her projects. Students will be assessed through a final written exam and a portfolio review.